Brain Sand

N. sanguineum fixes calcium and phosphorus, producing pathological calcification in the tissues affected, and N. sanguineum is clearly present in the Pineal Gland. When Nanobacteria are injected into rabbits, they can be recovered from the urine within 15 minutes, and from the Cerebrospinal Fluid at one year. Nanobacteremia and Nanobacteriuria are common in humans; the bugs cross the placenta and blood-brain barrier and contaminate vaccines and biological products made in fetal bovine serum. Could it be that N. sanguineum puts a brake on human longevity, or that impaired immune function or recurrent Nanobacteremia leads to organ system dysfunction and premature senescence, via the mechanism of Pineal Gland calcification?

Presentation by Hjelle, J, T,-International Nanobacteria Minisymposium-Kuopio, Finland; 3/8/01

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